About Bot Simulator

The Bot Simulator Project is designed to provide a quick and easy method for testing your site with various User Agent Strings. A User Agent String is sent each time a query is made to your site. Each browser has a unique User Agent String that it sends which identifies certain aspects of your system configuration, such as which browser you are using, its version number, and details about your system, such as operating system and version.

Search Bots send unique User Agent Strings as well, and in certain cases you may want your site to behave differently for these Search Bots than for a human user. This is the purpose of the Bot Simulator Project.

Using Bot Simulator

To use the Searchbot Simulator, simply type the URL that you want to test into the URL field, enter the User Agent that you want to test in the User Agent field, then click Submit. The Results page will be displayed which shows various important information about your site including Page Status, Redirects, Header Information, Page Title, Keywords, Description, and Indexable Key Words.

Set User Agent Values Box

Clicking on the items in this box allow you to use predefined User Agent Strings for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, as well as using the User Agent String that your browser is currently sending. To use the predefined strings, simply select Google, Bing, or Yahoo from the drop down and click on Use Selected User Agent. To use your browser's user agent, click on Use this Browser's User Agent. Clicking on these buttons inserts the User Agent String into the User Agent field. You can then enter your URL and click on Submit.

View User Agent button

Click on the View User Agent button at the top of the page to display the User Agent String that your browser is currently sending.

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